For construction companies

You can use our sensors in projects on construction of office centers, hotels, industrial and warehouse buildings. One K2150 sensor with high accuracy can control movement in corridors of up to 80m long, reacting even to small movements of your hand. In the absence of people, it reduces up to 14 times the power consumption of a lighting system.

About 10 PIR sensors need to be installed in classic lighting automation systems for 80m long corridors, and office personnel do not always like to see the light following them tens or hundreds times a day. The contrast between a dark distant background and a bright active zone stresses out your eyes. Our sensor makes it comfortable to light a large area at once and then gently reduces the power when the personnel is absent in the corridor. The power reduction takes 30 seconds instead of 3–5 minutes when conventional PIR sensors are installed (no one is in the corridor and the lights are on for the next 3–5 minutes), so the energy efficiency and light comfort of our sensors are higher than that of competitors.

One K2150 sensor in building corridors or car parks will replace 8–10 PIR-sensors and reduce the length of cable lines and installation costs as much as possible.
Fig 1. Two K2150 sensors instead of 17 ceiling PIR sensors

The sensor can be installed on a ceiling or on a wall. Its big advantage is the ability to work through any non-metallic materials. For example, in buildings with exclusive repairs, in cultural heritage buildings and churches, the sensor can be covered with a painting (poster) or decorative elements.

Since the K2150 sensor has an additional alarm output, it can not only control lighting, but also signal on the availability of movement in the control area at the same time. This alarm output can be connected to an alarm system that switches on overnight, or to the alarm input of a nearby IP camera that alerts the security personnel upon the availability of movement. This functionality is included as standard and does not require additional payment.

Even if you are used to working with PIR-sensors and do not want to change anything, our sensor will definitely come in handy at some point. 100% of our customers who have installed sensors on one their site will install them on their other sites and no longer return to PIR-sensors. Among these customers are well-known companies such as Pepsico, Decathlon, and others.

A BIM-model of K2150 sensor and K2150PR mounting box are available for designers.

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