For lighting fixtures manufacturers

How do you beat the tough competition among LED lighting manufacturers? You need to offer your customer not equipment, but a solution. K2150 sensors will help you create efficient and non-standard solutions with short payback period. Our sensors will work even where their competitors are powerless.

For example, your offer may be the only one for a lighting system intended to equip a warehouse under construction that is more than 12m high, or a freezing or chilled warehouse, or a FRESH warehouse for storing vegetables and edible greens. PIR-sensors do not work in such facilities.

In car parks, our single sensor replaces 7–10 PIR-sensors of any known world manufacturer, because it has a sensitivity zone of up to 3000 square meters and detects even minor human movement at a distance of up to 80m.

In the corridors of a hotel or office center, a single sensor for 80m corridor length is sufficient. Any K2150 sensor has four outputs: 30A 240VAC relay, 1–10V dimmable output, DALI interface, and an alarm output for connection to security systems, or IP cameras.

Even if you are used to working with PIR-sensors and do not want to change anything, our sensor will definitely come in handy at some point. 100% of our customers who have installed sensors on one their site will install them on their other sites and no longer return to PIR-sensors. Among these customers are well-known companies such as Pepsico, Decathlon, and others.

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