For system integrators

If you use motion sensors from well-known world manufacturers in your projects, our sensor will surprise you a lot! “This can’t be happening!” we hear sometimes from our clients who installed our sensors on their first site. The K2150 is a really unusual sensor!
Fig 1. How motion sensor К2150 is different from its competitors

Due to its high sensitivity, it is able to detect, for example, a human palm movement with amplitude of only 15cm from a distance of 50–60m. In warehouses, one K2150 sensor monitors an 80m long inter-rack aisle from a height of 3–30m! The absolute record today is one sensor working in an aisle with a length of 114m of narrow aisle warehouse 15m high!

K2150 sensors can be used in your projects to control the presence of a person or a vehicle on an area from 10 to 3000 sq. m. They can be used for large projects such as Industry 4.0, Smart Street and Smart City as well as local projects for pedestrian crossing automation, and also energy efficient lighting of buildings and areas.

Since the sensors use radio wave motion detection, they can be hidden behind any radio transparent material. For example, they may be covered with a painting or a poster in the corridor of an office or hotel.
  • Dimensions: 125x80x40 mm
  • Enclosure protection: IP65 or IP67, all-weather design
  • 4 outputs: 30A relay output, 1-10V dimming output, alarm output and DALI interface (coming soon)
  • Optionally: KNX, LoRa, Sigfox, NB-LTE… modules and a long-range radio (up to 15 km)
  • The length of cable lines and the installation cost is reduced several times

How is our project progressing?

We have already taught the sensor to understand the motion’s direction: it can react to objects moving towards it and not to objects moving in the opposite direction. Today it is used, for example, in Smart Pedestrian Crossing systems to warn a pedestrian about a car approaching at high speed.

Soon, the sensor will not only detect the direction, but also measure the speed of moving objects and calculate their number.

Connection diagram

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