K2150 long range motion sensor

Human and vehicle presence detection on the area up to 3000 square meters.

Cost-effective technology with a short payback period!


Street light control at parks, squares, sports grounds and car parkings near the shopping molls.
Car parking lots lighting control. Both underground and outdoor parking lots can be automated. The length of cable lines and the cost of installation reduces 8-10 times.
Warehouses lighting & security control. One sensor controls 80 m of warehouses alley and replaces 3-4 High-bay PIR sensors of the best worldwide manufacturers!
Gas stations: ordinary and the ones without operators. Automatic lighting control, IP cameras control
Pedestrian undercrossing. When the undercrossing is empty, К2150 sensor smoothly reduces the lighting. The sensor can be hidden behind any radiotransparent surface. For example, mounted into the light box
Smart factories: buildings and territories automation. Presence of a person or any moving object in an area of 10 to 3000 square meters
Data center lighting & security control. One sensor controls up to 80 m alley
Pedestrian crossing control by occupancy - automatic lighting power change.
Lighting control in corridors of an office building or hotel
  • Dimensions: 125x80x40 mm
  • Enclosure protection: IP65 or IP67, all-weather design
  • 4 outputs: 30A relay output, 1-10V dimming output, alarm output and DALI interface (coming soon)
  • Optionally: KNX, LoRa, Sigfox, NB-LTE… modules and a long-range radio (up to 15 km)
  • The length of cable lines and the installation cost is reduced several times

K2150 output interfaces: how they work and how to use them

- The relay 30А output for switching standard fixtures (if a movement does not occur, then the fixtures are off, if it does, then they are on);

- the 1-10V output is for adjusting a light flux gradually within 2-100 % (if a movement does not occur, then the fixtures operate at the economical mode set by the installer, from 2 % to 100 % of the light flux, if it does, then they gradually, in 1,5 seconds, switch to the 100 % light flux mode). For your information: at the 5 % light flux mode, the energy consumption of an LED fixtures decreases by 12-14 times!

- the special output is for connecting the sensor to a security alarm system or to IP-cameras. This output has an optical relay that closes for 1 second every time motion is detected, for example, at every human step. By using this output, the sensor can also be connected to an automated warehouse control system (WMS) for tracing and highlighting bays with a high load (a forklift drives through too often) and underused bays (a forklift drives through seldom) and subsequently optimizing the distribution of items. The sensor may optionally be supplied with KNX, LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT… modules and a long-range 868 mHz radio (up to 15 km).

- The digital interface DALI allows you to have addressed control of lights in your group, as well as remotely configure the sensor parameters from a personal computer (sensitivity area, time delay, backlight level, twilight setting) and the system as a whole. Using the IP-DALI gateway, you can make all settings or correct them from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

К2150 sensor’s sensitive area

H, m L, m
2.8 - 6.0 60.0 - 70.0
9.0 70.0
12.0 - 20.0 70.0 - 80.0
Fig 2. The length of the К2150 sensor’s sensitive area depends on the installation height H (person’s movement tracing!). Vehicle’s movement tracing is up to 115m!
Fig 3. The К2150 sensor’s sensitive area when vertically installed on a wall
Fig 4. The К2150 sensor’s sensitive area when horizontally installed on a wall.
Challenge: How to increase energy efficiency in warehouses with already installed energy efficient lighting fixtures (luminescent with Т5 104 lm/W lamp)?

Technical parameters

Aluminum Enclosure (ceiling or wall mounting)
Enclosure Class
Supply Voltage without a Mounting Box, V
12 V DC/100 mA DC
Supply Voltage with a Mounting Box, such as K2150PR, etc., V
85-305 VAC, 120-430 VDC
Internal Consumption, W
Output Signal 1 Type
Relay 30 A 240 V AC (located in the K2150PR mounting box)
Output Signal 2 Type
1-10 V, up to 50 fixtures at the 1-10V output
Output Signal 3 Type
Normally Open: Solid-State Relay up to 60V, up to 100 mA
Output Signal 4 Type
DALI & DALI2 Interface
Light Sensitivity
10-700 lux
Delay Time Range
30 sec - 10 min
Microwave parameters
24 GHz, < 100 mW
Object Velocity Range
0.1-10 m/sec or up to 36 km/h
Sensitivity Zone
Ceiling Mounting Height, m
up to 30
Ambient Temperature
-30°С to +65°С
External Dimensions, mm
125х80х40 sensor and 115x90x55 mounting box

К2150 sensor’s cost effectiveness (using the example of a warehouse)

The object is an actual warehouse with the 72х78 m area, 17 m height, and shelf storage of items. The length of the shelves is 68 m. The forklift drives through the bay every 7 min and stays there for about 1 min. 150 W LED lamps without a dimming function, 216 pcs. The number of bays is 18; the number of lamps per bay is 12. The lights duty cycle is 24 hours per day.

Energy consumption without automation is 283,824 kWh per year. Energy consumption with automation (3 emergency lamps, 9 lamps that get turned off by the sensor) is 97,567 kWh per year.

Savings: 283,824 – 97,567 = 186,257 kWh per year or 186,257 х 0,15 € = 27,938 € per year. The modernization cost, including the installation cost, is approximately 24,000 €. The payback period: 24,000/27,938 = 0.8 years.

A more detailed description of the K2150 sensor operation (the example of its use in a warehouse) can be found here.

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