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By becoming a distributor of our company, you will be able to sell the most high-tech motion sensors that exist today on the market. In terms of basic technical parameters, our K2150 sensor significantly exceeds all known products of the best world brands.

The market of motion sensors for lighting control is constantly growing. In the USA, for example, it is growing 7–9% annually and amounts to about $2 billion.

K2150 sensor will complement the range of products you sell and allow your company to offer customers the motion sensors for facilities that previously could not be automated: warehouses over 12m high, chilled and freezing warehouses, warehouses for storing fruits and vegetables with high humidity, large industrial buildings, and urban areas. Today our K2150 sensor is the only one that can operate in such conditions!

Over a year, the sensor can save your customers up to 10,000 kWh of electricity and reduce CO₂ atmospheric emissions by 4t. The average payback period for the sensor is 1 year.

К2150 sensor's cost effectiveness (using the example of a warehouse)

The object is an actual warehouse with the 72х78 m area, 17 m height, and shelf storage of items. The length of the alleys is 68 m. The forklift drives through the alley every 7 min and stays there for about 1 min. 
Fig 1. How the traffic intensity in the warehouse affects lighting system automation efficiency

150 W LED fixtures without a dimming function, 216 pcs. The number of bays is 18; the number of fixtures per bay is 12. The lights duty cycle is 24 hours per day.
Energy consumption without automation is 283,824 kWh per year. 

Energy consumption with automation (3 emergency fixtures, 9 fixtures that get turned off by the sensor) is 97,567 kWh per year. 

Savings: 283,824 - 97,567 = 186,257 kWh per year or 186,257 х 0,15 € = 27,938 € per year. 

The modernization cost, including the installation cost, is approximately 24,000 €.
The payback period: 24,000/27,938 = 0.8 years.

You can find many applications for the sensor thanks to its high sensitivity and large area coverage. It will really impress you, especially if you have previously dealt with motion sensors from other manufacturers, even the best and most famous ones.

Fig 2. How motion sensor К2150 is different from its competitors

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