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Question: We want to equip our warehouse with motion sensors for lighting control. How do youdetermine how many of them are required?

Answer: You will need one K2150 sensor for each aisleif its length does not exceed 80m. If the aisleis longer, for example 100m, you will need two sensors.

Question: Why do I need metal curtains for my sensor?

Answer: They can be used to limit the sensitivity range of the sensor on one or both sides. For example, when the sensor is mounted on a wall in a vertical position, its angle of view is about 180 degrees in...

Question: Why do I need a K2150PR mounting box?

Answer: The mounting box contains an 80–305VAC/12VDC power converter, a 30A 240V power relay and a power terminal connector for cable cross sections of up to 2.5 mm².

Question: How many LED lights can I connect to one sensor?

Answer: If you have conventional bulbs, they must be connected via the built-in 30A 240VAC relay. The total power of the bulbs must not exceed 6 kW.
If you install 1–10V dimmable bulbs, you can connect up to 50 bulbs to...

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